Why You May Be Missing Some Facebook Updates in Your News Feed

Yes, Facebook is tricky.  They hide things all over the place. And that’s what makes me so cranky!

You may or may not have noticed that you are missing some of your friends posts in your News Feed.  There is a hidden link at the bottom of your News Feed called Edit Options and as you get more friends, you have to change the settings.  Facebook doesn’t tell you this, how are you supposed to know?!?  That’s why you have Grandma to help you out!

Update:  Facebook Page Posts are not showing up as much in the News Feed!  Very frustrating – see my posts on how you can help the situation by telling your Fans to Create a Favorite Page list:  https://andreavahl.com/facebook/how-to-create-a-favorite-page-list-in-facebook.php and my post on Social Media Examiner:  4 Ways to Increase Your Page Visibility (although note that #2 is already changed) 

Take a look at my tutorial on how to change this setting. Special appearance by my cat’s tail.  Share this post so your friends know how to change it too!

Grandma Mary

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  • Oy! Now I understand why I’m seeing the same good lookin’ friends on my Facebook home page over and over … and over.

    What do I know?!

    And where’s that Facebook fairy godmother when ya need her?! She didn’t even send me a memo about the “edit” option. Who knew? Forgive my crankiness, but I really don’t like that important little tabs and links and icons and stuff are WAY down at the bottom of a page where my eyes are probably NOT going to see them.

    Ya know, Grandma Mary … that’s not nice.

    Thank goodness for you!

  • That’s exactly right Melanie – Facebook is why I have so many gray hairs! That and hard living LOL. Glad to help and thanks for your comment!