How to Become a Successful Social Media Manager [Infographic]

Do you want to become a successful social media consultant or manager?  Follow these steps!  Also make sure you sign up for the rest of the amazing content we have available in the free part of our Social Media Manager School.  The full course opens again April 1st, 2015!

Social Media Manager tips




  • reastes

    My biggest tip is to talk to potential clients in the real world. Your potential social media clients aren’t currently on social media. Find where they are in the real world and chat to them.

  • Khuram Dhanani

    Practical world is no more than a huge learning platform. We must explore every bit of opportunities lying here and there. Almost all industries have small or big social media presence these days. Talk to as many industry people as you can. I think that’s a great way to share knowledge and gain great insights:- Khuram Dhanani

  • Joe Pagan

    I think Khuram Dhanani hit the nail on the head in his comment, social media pretty much comes down to exploring every opportunity and the other point I would add is to not forget about the ‘real world’ (so to speak).