I’m finally getting around to watching the recordings from Social Media Marketing World 2014 and these notes came from the presentation by Todd WheatlandTodd Wheatland

Why use SlideShare?

  • You can get a huge number of leads for only $19/month (pro-version)
  • SlideShare gets 60 Million visitors/month (your website does not)
  • SlideShare has great SEO
  • The primary intent of SlideShare users is business (as compared to YouTube for Facebook)

4 Ways SlideShare Can Help You

1.  Producing content

  • Get new ideas by browsing and searching
  • Customize your content just for SlideShare – the extra 10% effort you put in will give you big results

2.  Distributing content

  • Big on-site audience
  • Huge search traffic – people feel more comfortable with the “neutrality” of the content they find on SlideShare
  • Player can be embedded
  • HTML 5
  • Widgets/ social sharing help people easily share

3.  Promoting content

  • Connect with influencers directly
  • Add the social power of the LinkedIn integration

 4.  Measurement

  • Analytics on each SlideShare
  • Pro account has more analytics

Slideshare stats

 How to Attract More Eyeballs on SlideShare

1. Know the platform

It’s a very visual platform and there are different sections some of which are a function of what’s trending and some areas are hand-curated by SlideShare.



2. Different triggers


  • Today’s Top SlideShares – categorized to your interests and hand curated by SlideShare – unique appeal with your cover thumbnails and titles)
  • Trending in your network – Very important to connect your LinkedIn and SlideShare profiles here
  • Featured
  • Latest Conferences
  • Trending in Social Media (can be less visually exciting but needs to be shared – ask people to share it for you on social media)
  • Recommended and search results

Look at what other SlideShares are coming up and see what you can do better.

3.  Audience and content objectives

  • Be intentional
  • Who is this content for
  • Where are they in the buying circle
  • What do you want them to do with it
  • How does it relate to your other content

4.  Format

Vertical versus horizontal: GO WIDE (horizontal) – content promoted is always horizontal format.

Some non-digital natives might respond better to the vertical format because they are printing it out.

**SECRET TO GETTING LEADS FROM SLIDESHARE:  Embed a link with “more information”.  Example:  “If you Like this, here’s a place to get more in-depth information.”

Side note, I’ve also seen people give “Top 31 Tips” where the last 10 tips are available through an opt-in for example.

Or use the Pro account to embed the optin directly into your SlideShare deck.

Good example of a business doing this well is Travel World Passport.  Here is what they are doing right:

  • Useful information
  • Links to optins
  • Click to Tweets on quoteable images
  • Links on the last page of their SlideShare to their other SlideShares – what’s next

Travel World Passport SlideShare example

Also think about how you can create multiple pieces of content from one:

  • Content-rich presentation
  • E-book
  • Lighter quote-based SlideShare (link to optin for e-book)

3 Free Tools to Help with Creating SlideShares

1.  Canva




2.  Slide Idea (iPad app)




3.  Haiku Deck



Great presentation from Todd Wheatland – make sure you follow him on SlideShare.

And also follow my account here:  Andrea Vahl on SlideShare.