Boosted Posts on Facebook: When You Shouldn’t Use Them

One of the biggest mistakes I see Facebook Page owners making is overusing the Boost Posts button on your Page. Facebook makes it so quick and easy to use plus they give you little incentive notifications like “This post is doing better than 90% of your other posts, you should boost it”. The problem with […]

Facebook Lead Generation Ads: How to Get Started

Would you like to make it easier for your target market to connect with your offer on Facebook?  Want to reduce your cost per optin?  Facebook’s new Lead Generation ads can help! In this blog post you’ll find out what you need to know about the new Lead Generation Ads, how to get started, and how […]

7 Surprising Ways Companies are Winning on Social Media

I recently spoke at the ASCEND Summit put together by Aweber in Philadelphia.  It was a great conference and I was honored to share the stage with some great people! My presentation was the 7 Surprising Ways Companies are Winning on Social Media and I am going to share the examples with you. Is this the […]

How to Save 30 Minutes or More per Day on Social Media

Social media can be a time-suck.  And it’s a very distracting place to be.  But if you have systems in place, you can save a ton of time! Phyllis Khare and I had a recent Blab  where we talked all about time-saving tips and we had great questions from our audience and others jumped on to […]

Should I have a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group for my Business?

I get asked this question quite a bit and I wrote a “definitive answer” in this post: Facebook Page or Group: The Definitive Answer. But with any line you draw in the sand (especially in Facebook’s sandbox), that answer has shifted a bit. I definitely still think there are very good reasons to have a […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Notes

Have you seen the lovely new layout of the new Facebook Notes?  It’s a thing of beauty. In this post you’ll learn what’s new, how to create a Facebook Note, and how to use them for your business. The New Facebook Notes on Profiles Only The first thing you need to know is that the […]

8 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Facebook Marketing

Is Facebook taking up all your time? Interested in ways to maximize your workflow? When you streamline your work and know exactly where to look for the right information, your job becomes easier. In this article you’ll discover eight ways to manage your Facebook marketing more effectively.   #1: Maximize Page Notifications You can get […]

The Top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools of 2015

Infographic brought to you by Seriously Social and G2 Crowd This was from data compiled by G2 Crowd and Seriously Social and features Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, Sendible and SproutSocial.  I personally have worked with (and still do) Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, and SproutSocial and love them all.  I will have to look more into Sendible. What do you […]