How to Target the Fans of Another Facebook Page in an Ad

Target Fans of Another Facebook Page

Do you know of a Facebook Page that has the perfect fit of Fans for what you are offering?  If you are running Facebook Ads, you can target that group with a Facebook Ad.

Not all Facebook Pages are available as a target.  All you need to do is to go to the Interests section of your Facebook Ad and start typing in the Page name.  If it “matches” then the Page name is available as a target and your ad will be shown to the Fans of that Page.

Targeting Fans of Pages with a Facebook Ad

The Page may or may not be available and it’s not always the size of the Page that makes the difference.  Typically Pages with more Fans are able to be targeted but in this example, Choice Magazine has less than 5,000 Fans and I’m able to target those Fans with this ad.

How do you find good Pages to target?  Here’s an article on how to find your best Keywords for Facebook Ads!


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