The Best Halloween-Based Social Media Campaigns

by Stan Johnson There’s a lot you can learn from a successful brand using Facebook. When you run across a popular brand with tons of likes, you’ll often find that these brands do whatever they canto keep customers engaged. Using Facebook for business is a careful blend of creativity and niche marketing. When pulled off [...]

How and Why to Use Facebook Offers

What is the deal with Facebook Offers?  Who can get them and when should you use them?  Find all the details in my handy tutorial.     Offers are only available for Pages categorized as a Local Business.  I went ahead and re-categorized my Page to be a Local Business and I was able to [...]

Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

This webinar is part of the Vernon Area Public Libary Business Lunch Series.  In this 50-minute webinar I covered: – What is Pinterest and how are companies are using it? – Who should be using Pinterest and how much time to spend there – How to set up Pinterest, create boards, and start pinning strategically [...]

Grandma Mary’s SXSW 2012 Recap

Wondering why people go to SXSW in Austin?  I was too until I went last year and yeeha, what a great time!  You meet people you’ve only talked to online, make great connections, learn new things, and go to parties.  What’s not to love? I also took the opportunity to do a few interviews which [...]

A Day in the Life of the Internet

Well no wonder we are overwhelmed! Look what happens in one day on the internet! Created by: MBA Online

Merry Christmas and all that jazz from Grandma Mary

I Love Ya People! Remember to take a break over the holidays. No tweeting. Unplug. Think about what a great year you have had and pat yourself on the back.  Tell me one thing you are proud to have accomplished in 2012 in the comments.  I want to hear from you. We’ll talk about 2012 [...]