3 Tips to Create Better Facebook Ads for Beginners

Are you new to Facebook Ads?  Would you like to go beyond the Boosted Post and create better ads? Creating a Website Click ad is usually going to be a step up from the boosted post and will be better optimized to drive traffic to your website. In this article you’ll learn 3 valuable tips to […]

The Facebook Ads Pixel: What Marketers Need to Know

Are you confused about how to implement the new Facebook Ads Pixel?  Wondering how to transition from your old conversion tracking pixel to the new pixel and measure your ads properly? Facebook introduced the new Pixel in mid-2015 as a “One Pixel” solution.  Previously Facebook had a pixel that would track website traffic (known as […]

Boosted Posts on Facebook: When You Shouldn’t Use Them

One of the biggest mistakes I see Facebook Page owners making is overusing the Boost Posts button on your Page. Facebook makes it so quick and easy to use plus they give you little incentive notifications like “This post is doing better than 90% of your other posts, you should boost it”. The problem with […]

Facebook Lead Generation Ads: How to Get Started

Would you like to make it easier for your target market to connect with your offer on Facebook?  Want to reduce your cost per optin?  Facebook’s new Lead Generation ads can help! In this blog post you’ll find out what you need to know about the new Lead Generation Ads, how to get started, and how […]

Complete Tour of the New Facebook Ads Manager

Have you been using the new Facebook Ads Manager?  Are you confused by the new layout?  Ahh, Facebook, the one constant with you is change. In this article I’ll show you what’s new and how to navigate the the main changes. Main Changes The main changes are cosmetic as they have rearranged everything (as they […]

How to Launch Your Product Using Facebook

Are you launching a new product or service? Want to create buzz and get the word out to the right people? Facebook is a great way to promote the launch of a product or service and generate excitement. To be successful, you need to plan your content, write your posts and make good use of […]

How to Use Facebook Mobile Apps for Marketing

Want to make your Facebook marketing more mobile? Curious about what you can and can’t do from your phone with Facebook apps? Facebook has a variety of mobile apps, from pages, to groups, to ads, that keep you connected while marketing on the go. In this article you’ll learn about the different capabilities of each […]

6 Unique Ways to Target Your Facebook Ads

Do you use Facebook ads to their full potential? Interested in reaching highly specific groups of people? Facebook ad targeting offers businesses many ways to serve the right ad to the right user at the right time. In this article I’ll share six ways to target Facebook users with your ads, many you’ve likely not considered. […]