3 Key Elements to a Winning Facebook Ads Proposal

Writing a good Facebook Ads proposal isn’t just about listing your services and your fees.  Anyone can do that! If you want to win the business you need to add a little more excitement into your proposal.

When you demonstrate that you understand their issues, you have a method that works, and you are the perfect person to execute that method, then you will easily get the contract.

#1 A list of your services that provide true benefits

Just listing out your services may not be the best approach without a little more benefit behind each item.

The customer may not understand what the items are and the importance of each of the line items.

When they see how important they are they then realize that they can’t do all of the things that you will be doing and they don’t want to even figure it out.

Whenever I need to add a benefit to a feature, I think of adding the words “so that” or asking the questions “so what?” like my friend Henneke outlines in her Features vs Benefits post.

Take a look at the two examples below and tell me which is more powerful:

Facebook Ad Campaign Proposal #1

Setup Includes

  • 30 minute call
  • Install Facebook Pixel
  • Research Competitors
  • Custom Conversions
  • Custom Audiences
  • Landing Page Feedback
  • Testing
  • Saved Audiences


Facebook Ad Campaign Proposal #2

Setup Includes

  • Initial 30 minute consultation to understand your business goals, review what has been done in the past, and align the campaign plan with your needs 
  • Facebook Pixel Installation so that we can track conversions and retarget website visitors.  Will also include Standard Event pixel installation as needed.
  • Research your competitors so that we know what ads they are running and can create ads that will stand out
  • Custom Conversion creation as needed to help with any tracking 
  • Custom Audiences uploaded and created so that we can create the best retargeting audiences and Lookalike Audiences for your business
  • Landing Page Feedback so that we can maximize the conversions of the traffic we are sending from Facebook and Instagram
  • Funnel testing to make sure everything is working properly
  • Saved Audiences for future use and easier targeted Boosted Posts

Hopefully you said #2 was better.  Otherwise I’m a bit concerned 🙂


#2 Demonstrate that you have the right method to help them get to their goal

While you don’t want to give away the exact methods you use to get better results, you can walk them through your overall approach.

Let them know what to expect along the way so that they trust your process.  You may even highlight that you have a method that is different than other people.

They may be getting several quotes but they may also be considering different ways to spend their marketing dollars.  They need to be confident that Facebook Ads are going to get them where they want to go.

Facebook Ads Proposal


#3 Show them that you are the right person to solve their problem

The potential client needs to believe that you are the right person for them.  This is where testimonials come in!

“But what if I don’t have testimonials?” you might ask.

Well, then you can demonstrate the training you’ve had, the heart that you put into your work, and you can even use other testimonials about what it’s like to work with you in general.

Getting the right training in Facebook Ads is really critical because there are so many mistakes that can be made with setting up Facebook Ads for clients.

You can list any certifications you have or conferences you’ve been to that provide specific training.

That is one reason I give a Certificate of Completion in my Facebook Advertising Secrets course, so that my members can demonstrate their expertise (see what I did there? 🙂

As you get more experience, make sure you are documenting any Case Studies that you can point to that showcase your results but make sure they understand their results aren’t guaranteed.

That might feel daunting when you are first starting but we all start somewhere.

When I first started, I found that if I could just show value in how I could help them and I was enthusiastic about their business but also demonstrated knowledge in the service I was providing, I won the business.

People want to know that you will care about their business as much as they do (ok that’s probably a stretch because they care a lot about their own business).


So I hope that is helpful in crafting better proposals for clients.  You may have seen my Facebook Ads Pricing Guide but just in case you haven’t, grab that here:

Facebook Ads Management Pricing Guide