Why Use Facebook Ads

Why use Facebook Ads?  Doesn’t Facebook have enough money?  Shouldn’t we get all our reach for free?

I know it’s frustrating that Facebook has changed the visibility of Pages but there are still some very compelling reasons to use Facebook Ads. Here are 5 of my favorite reasons.


#1 Inexpensive

Facebook Advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising out there. There are a LOT of choices these days on where you can advertise – magazines, banner ads, Google Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, direct mail, radio, tv, local events and more.

LinkedIn can range from $2-15 per CLICK and some of the other options are not as easily trackable.

Ad Espresso has some great data on typical Facebook Ads Cost.  Now this may be different from what you see depending on your Ad Placement, your niche, and your targeting.

I also have a post on typical results for Facebook Ads based on my experience.

Ad Espresso Facebook CPC by Age Range

#2 Highly Targeted Traffic

Facebook can target some pretty amazing keywords but there’s much more to the targeting!  Here are a few things you can target by:

  1. Demographics – age ranges, college education, home owners
  2. Local area – either zip codes or a radius (10 mile radius minimum)
  3. Job titles – this has recently been
  4. Fans of another page – this is only available for certain pages but you can show your ads to the fans of other pages.
  5. Income level – if you know your perfect customer is in a higher income bracket, you can narrow your audience down and use your advertising budget to reach your best audience.
  6. Behavior – people who shop for organic food for example, or people who own a certain type of car, or shop online.  This is HUGE!


Targeting your Facebook Ad


#3 Easily trackable marketing – track leads and sales

One of the best things about Facebook Ads is that you can track exactly how much it costs you to get a lead or a sale.  To do that, you must use the Facebook Pixel on your website.

Better yet, when you test 2 different ads, you can see which one leads to better cost per conversion.  Now you are saving money on your advertising!

Facebook Ad reports tracking

#4 Promote your best content where people are hanging out

There are over 2 Billion people logging into Facebook every month and on average people are spending 20 minutes on Facebook every time they log in.

You work hard on your content.  Why not make sure people see it?

So you first post your content on the Facebook Page, wait a couple of hours at least to let it get some organic engagement, then give the post a boost.

I have a full Facebook Boosted Post strategy that I use and I don’t spend too much money on boosting posts but get great cost per link click to get more traffic to my website.

Typically I’m boosting my posts to my website visitors (also known as retargeting) because I get cheaper cost per clicks that way. But you can also choose keywords to become more visible with people who are interested in that type of content.

#5 Stay top of mind with warm audience

It’s easier for your business to get repeat customers rather than brand new customers.  So why not spend a little of your marketing budget on getting in front of your current audience?

The good news is when you are retargeting your ads, your audience is much smaller and it’s very inexpensive to reach them.

Even if you are emailing your customers or posting organically, people miss your content.  How good is your email open rate?  Even if it’s 20%, you could be missing 80% of your customers when you just send one email!

You can combine your Custom Audiences to make the audience size larger.

Combine Facebook Custom Audiences

Bonus Reason:  You have to – Organic Reach is much harder

Yes, it’s a frustrating fact.  Facebook organic reach is going down.  It’s still possible using tactics like Facebook Live and video but it’s harder than it was before.

But with Facebook Ads, you can reach your best audience for not much money.  So I’m actually telling my clients that they can spend less time creating content and posting and just focus on promoting your BEST content.

Hope that is helpful in answering the question why use Facebook Ads. Feel free to share your comments about how you are using Facebook Ads below.

Also make sure you grab my free ebook (and bonus videos):  How to Get Highly Targeted Leads with Facebook