Facebook Graph Search

Would you like to find your perfect customer on Facebook?  Graph Search can help you find target words to use in your Facebook Ads, help you find groups that your Fans or competitor’s Fans are active in, and help you find new Pages that your Fans Like so that you can be active on those Pages.

Audience Insights can give you even more information, telling you things like household income, whether your fans have college degrees, and more.

Here’s how you can use Facebook Graph Search and Audience Insights to do some research.

Using Facebook Graph Search

First start on your personal profile – you can’t use Graph Search while logged in as a Page.

Say we wanted to find out all the Pages, Groups, or Posts about Ebooks.  Start typing your search term – Ebooks – in the search area but then go down to the eyeglass and click on the term to get all the results.

Start Facebook Graph Search

You will get the search results broken down by category and you can click on the different categories.

Filter Graph Search results


Now your searches can get a little more interesting to find out what Pages your Fans Like.

Pages liked by people who like my page

You can get more specific with this and use two Pages in the search area.

Two terms in Graph Search


Then you can also find out things like how your male and female Fans are different in the Pages they Like.

Pages like by women of my page


And I can even get hyper specific with the ages and people to do research.

Specific fans research


Now I can use that information in my Facebook Ads to better target my Ads to people who might be more interested in my message.  In this case I would also select only Women for these terms since these Pages are what the women who liked my Page were interested in.

Use terms in Facebook Ads


I also have some other suggestions on how to use Facebook Graph Search in this older post:  3 Interesting Uses of Facebook Graph Search

Using Audience Insights

Audience Insights are found in your Facebook Ads Manager area.  You can analyze your own Fans interests if you have a large Fan base – I’m not sure exactly where the line is but it seems to be around 20,000 or more Fans.  Or you can use it to analyze the Fans of any Page of that size or larger.

Just go into your Facebook Ads Manager and select Audience Insights on the left sidebar.

Facebook Audience Insights

Now type in the name of the Page you want to analyze under Interests on the left sidebar- in this case we’ll choose Mari Smith.

Facebook Audience Insights search

Now you can click on the different areas and find out things like Demographics, Household income, purchase behavior, and more.

Get household income of fans


Then you can use these things in your Facebook Ads as well in the demographics area.

Use demographics in Facebook Ads


You can see how powerful researching your audience can be to help you reach your perfect customer!  I encourage you to try Facebook Graph Search and Audience Insights to find out more about your audience.

Watch this quick video for a live demo on how you use these tools.