How to Write an Attention-Getting Facebook About Page

Does your Facebook Page accurately communicate your business story? When you set up your Facebook About Page well, you can introduce your potential clients to your business properly.

While most of your communication on your Facebook Page is still going to be through the News Feed, a nice About Page can direct people to the right place on your website if they need additional information. And why not use this real estate well to tell your company story?

Your Facebook About Page is indexed in Google and I often find companies through search from the keywords that are on their About Page.

In this article, you’ll learn how to control the layout on your About Page, what to add to your About Page, and some great examples of attention-getting Facebook About Pages.

Note:  This article was updated July 22nd, 2019

Facebook About Page Layout

The layout of your Facebook About Page will change depending on what category you’ve chosen for your Facebook Page and I also wrote more about how to set up your Facebook Page including a 10-point checklist. See the examples below to see more about what different categories look like on the About section.

Your Facebook About Page shows up in the left column of your Facebook Page and when you navigate there you can edit the sections as well as the category.

Edit Facebook About Page

You are limited to the categories that Facebook makes available which may not be a perfect match for what you do. When you start typing a category name, if it comes up with a match, you can choose that category.  For example, I can’t choose the more general category of Speaker, only Motivational Speaker.

You can have up to 3 categories selected and, by adding more categories, you may come up in the Facebook search a little easier (but Facebook search isn’t all that great).

People ask me about what Facebook Category to choose and the truth is, categories don’t make a huge difference other than things that may be available to you on your About Page and maybe the apps that are suggested.  Make sure you choose Local Business if you are a local business so you can take advantage of checkins, reviews, and other location-related features Facebook has.

Also note that Facebook has changed the names of categories over time.  So an older Page may have a different category name than is available today. And they are also blurring the lines of the categories so there seems to be more overlap in how the About Pages appear.

You can move your About Page higher or lower in the left sidebar menu so that it is more prominent.  To adjust the menu items on the left side bar, go to the Templates and Tabs section in your Settings.

Then you can just drag and drop the menu items where you want.


What to include on your Facebook About Page

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making with their Facebook About Page is low detail and lack of keywords.  Make sure you tell your story.  Share why your business is different, how you got started, and what you offer. The links in your About Page are clickable so add links to sections on your website where people can get more information.

Here are some good ideas for things to consider adding to any Facebook About Page:

  1. Your Company Story.  Tell how you got started and what makes you different from your competition.  This may be the first time someone is finding your business online so tell them what they need to know to want to work with you or buy your product.
  2. What you do or what you sell.  I often see a nice description about the company but I still don’t know what they really do.  Add links directly to your products or services on your website.
  3. Contact information.  You should have some way that is best for potential customers to get in touch with you.  Phone? Email? Facebook Messenger?  Let people know how to contact you.
  4. Links to other social profiles.  Why not tell people where else they can find you?  Yes, maybe Facebook is your primary social site but if you are active in other places, add those links.
  5. Social Media Policy.  Let your community know what the rules are for posting on your Facebook Page or commenting on your posts. That way if there is profanity, hate speech, or something against your terms, then you can easily delete it.  Learn more about creating a social media policy.

Depending on how your Page is configured, you can add these sections in different areas of your Page.  Make sure you look under the More section to add links to your About Page.

Add Your Story to Your Facebook About Page

The “Story” section of your Facebook About Page is basically a Facebook Note that can be formatted with a cover image, paragraph headings, clickable links, and images.  I have not found a character limit to this section.

Definitely make sure you tell more about what you do and link to sections on your website or things you want to highlight online.

Facebook Story on About Page


Examples of Good Facebook About Pages

I did actually find it challenging to find many About Pages I really liked.

Easy Lunchboxes

My absolute favorite example that I use all the time is Easy Lunch Boxes.  She has a lot of reference links, a great story, and she’s added special characters for emphasis (you have to copy and paste those in).

Commuting Solutions

Commuting Solutions is a non-profit that highlights their story and their awards.


Unbounce does a good job telling how they started as well as giving you links to their products.

Take the Cake

A personal favorite because it’s a friend of mine from high school is Take the Cake in Dublin.  Krissy tells her story and uses some of the local features of Facebook.  Her cakes are DELICIOUS too 🙂

Finish Line

It was hard to find good examples in some of the big brands but the Finish Line has a good About Page.


Staples has a great example of adding their Facebook Page policy into their About section.

Use these examples for some inspiration but I think in each of these there is room for some improvement.  This post inspired me to revamp my Facebook About page and you can take a look at it here:  While you are there, feel free to Like my Page 🙂

What about you?  Have you seen any good Facebook About Pages?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.