You have a nice Facebook custom URL branded with your company name.  (Pssst, Like People click on it and if they are logged into Facebook, they go to your Page.  But if they aren’t logged into Facebook it doesn’t go to your Page.  What is going on?

The answer is, you have country restrictions set up.  Now, this is actually an issue for any Facebook Page URL but many people think that it caused by some problem with their custom URL.

The problem is, you have limited who can become a Fan of your Page by what country they live in.  Which is ok in theory.  But if someone isn’t logged into Facebook and they navigate to your Page, Facebook doesn’t know what country they live in.  Facebook will not show your Page to a potential fan unless they know that they live in a country that is allowed to Like your Page.




These country restrictions can also cause other issues as I mentioned in Why Your Facebook Like Box is Not Showing Up

So get those country restrictions off and start letting the Likes flow in from around the world.  Your URLs and Like Boxes will start working again.