Interviewing experts is a wonderful way to add content to your blog or even create a product.  But how do you get the interviews with those smarties?  Here are some helpful tips on how you can land interviews with the hottest experts.

Ask. I’m amazed when people don’t take this first step.  Maybe they are scared of rejection (aren’t we all?)   But this is the critical part.  That is how I got an interview with Guy Kawasaki – I just asked.  But you also have to make sure you have some benefit to offer them.  Pay attention to the timing of your request which leads to the next point….

2.  Ask when they have something to promote. The best time to ask for an interview is when they have a book or new product to promote.  That will allow your expert to give a plug to their new book.  You may also choose to review their book or product which again benefits the expert.  Talk about some of the tips or helpful hints in the product so that your audience benefits.

3.  Go to events where there are experts. This makes it easy to get in front of the experts and just take a few minutes of their time.  I was able to interview Mari Smith and Scott Stratten by being at events where they were.  Make sure you are respectful of their time at these live events as they are pulled in many directions.

4.  Make it easy.  If you set up an interview with them via Skype or Wetoku,  make sure you give them a list of questions ahead of time and that they know exactly how long it will last.  Also make sure they know how you will be be using the interview and how it will be publicized.

5.  Let them know when it’s available.  They can then choose to send it out to their audience but realize that they may not.

6.  Thank them.  Send a follow up thank you and let them know that you appreciated their time.  That will open the door to further interviews and connection with the expert.

Hope that helps you get started down the path of successfully landing expert interviews!  What tips have worked for you in connecting with experts and getting interviews?