Google+ Checklist [Infographic]

Do you need to make sure you are getting everything right on your Google+? Use this checklist to audit your own Profile or the Profile of your client.

Google checklist

What do you think? Anything that needs to be added to this list? Or do you have any questions about how to do something specifically? Let me know in the comments below!

Download a printable PDF:

Google+ Check List
Hint: The PDF will print all on one page. If that is too small for you choose the “Poster” option that will split the inforgraphic into multiple pages and print larger.


  • Andrew Colwell

    Thanks Andrea, great post. Do you know when Social Media Manager School will open again?

  • You are welcome Andrew! Social Media Manager School will open again on April 1st but we’ll have a lot of really cool free content we are sharing before then so watch your inbox 🙂

  • Andrew Colwell

    Thank you Andrea. I will look forward to seeing the content 🙂

  • Mauro Calbi

    I love them. Infographics, the best way to start and upgrade social networks. Thank you very much.

  • IncomeTrigger

    Thank you Andrea. Another great Infographic. Going by the re-pins that they’re getting from my board, I’m obviously not the only one who appreciates them. 🙂

  • Derek Doernbach

    As usual…Very helpful and informative information. Thank you!

  • Holly McIlwain

    Wow! Long check list. This should get me started. Andrea, where do you rank the importance of Google+ with other social media you’ve written about. If a small business owner with limited time wants to get the best bang for their social media time. Thanks Y’all.