3 Quick Tips to Make Better Facebook Ads

Would you like to improve your advertising efforts and make better Facebook Ads?  How about spending less money and getting better results?  Yes, please!

Often I see that people can make just a few tweaks to their campaigns to improve their return on investment.  Sometimes people just aren’t sure where to look or what to test to know if they are getting good results.

In this article, I’ll share 3 quick tips to make better Facebook Ads.

#1 Test at least 2 ads (probably more)

The best way to make better Facebook ads is to test more ads.  We often don’t know what will work best and I’m often guessing wrong as to what people will like.  Testing multiple ads will help you see exactly which ad performs best.

Even by just testing two ads, you’ll have more information than just trying one and thinking that it didn’t work.

But you have to approach your testing systematically.  Don’t change too many things at once or you won’t know which change made the difference in the results.

I typically start with the demographics and see which demographic responds best to the ad (keeping the text and image of the ad the same).  Then I’ll move on to test other things.

You don’t even have to have a big budget with these tests, just $20-50 for each ad over a few days will give you good information.  I talk more about split testing in point #6 of my Top 10 Facebook Advertising FAQs article.

Split test Facebook Ads

#2 Use the right targeting

If you want to make better Facebook Ads, reaching the right people is key.  Sometimes I see people with targets that are too wide or two narrow.  Targeting anyone who is interested in Business with an ad that is selling your product will probably be a waste of your money.

Facebook Ads targeting

Getting the right targeting is probably the single-most important part of your ad.

Facebook has a lot of targeting options such as:

  • Lookalike audiences – audiences that are like a custom audience such as email subscribers or website visitors
  • Retargeting – showing your ad only to your website visitors or email subscribers
  • Engagement targeting – targeting people who have interacted with your Facebook Page or Facebook vidoes
  • Targeting by Job Title, income level, behaviors, or targeting the fans of another Facebook Page with an ad

Testing your demographics and targeting is the best way to figure out what audience responds best.

#3 Watch the right stats

The Facebook reports often default to a very basic level of information and if you dive a little deeper you will be able to compare the right stats so you can really know which ad is performing best.

Facebook Ad Reports

In this example I sorted by CPC to compare which ad in the last 6 weeks was getting the best over all cost per click.

You can change your view of the columns by using the drop-down menu and customizing what you want to see or choosing one of their pre-built reports.  The best one I think is Performance and Clicks.  You can set that as your default view so that you don’t have to always switch back to it.

Customize Facebook Ads Report Columns

Bonus tip for Better Facebook Ads:  Have a System

If you want to really save money and headache with your Facebook Ads, you will have a system for researching, developing your ads, testing, and evaluation.  I have a course that can help with that – Facebook Advertising Secrets.

facebook advertising course

I’ve had hundreds of people take the online course and it walks you through exactly how to set up your ads, evaluate your results, and troubleshoot anything that is not working.  Plus the best part of the course is it comes with one year of access to the private Facebook Group where you can get your questions answered.

Facebook ads are extremely powerful.  But you can waste time and money with techniques that are out of date or just plain bad.  I have recently updated the course and regularly update it a few times per year so that you get the latest tactics that will get you the results you want.

Get all the details about the course here: www.fbadvertisingsecrets.com