How to Contact Facebook Support for Advertising Help

How to Contact Facebook Support for Advertising Help

If you have been using Facebook Ads and are having an issue, it can be frustrating to get some help from support when you need it.

It’s almost impossible to get someone on the phone (unless you have a Facebook Ads rep) but there are a lot of different contact forms that can get you the help you need a little quicker.

In this article I share all of my go-to contact places to get help from Facebook specifically for Ads.

Main Facebook Business Support Contact Page

The place to start is from is

This area gives you a range of issues to contact Facebook about and when you click on one of the radio buttons, you can get more granular about your issue.

Facebook Contact Form


What to Do If Your Facebook Ad is Disapproved

Your first step is to make sure you are within Facebook’s Ad Policies.  Facebook has very particular policies around language in ads and some of the big reasons I see ads getting disapproved are for violating these policies:

  1. Your ad can have no reference to a person’s appearance, physical attributes, race, gender, medical condition or other qualities. A lot of times they will disapprove an ad if it has references to “You” i.e. “Are you always feeling tired in the morning?”
  2. Before and after pictures are not allowed as well as images that indicate weight loss like a tape measure around a midsection.
  3. Ads with too much text in the image.  Even though Facebook lifted the 20% maximum text rule on images, they are still actively stopping ads that have too much text now.

Facebook has done a much better job of outlining their policies here:

But if you feel that your ad was disapproved by mistake, you can navigate to the Ad Level of the campaign and there will be more information about why it was disapproved as well as a place to dispute the case.

Disputing a Facebook Ad

Or you can go directly to this form:

The form may pull in the incorrect ad to dispute and you will then have to get the link to the correct ad.

Appeal a Disapproved Facebook Ad

Your Ad Has Been Pending Review for Over 24 Hours

Typically Ads are getting processed MUCH faster than that lately – typically within the hour but sometimes they get “stuck” because they may have been flagged for a manual review.

Ads are supposed to be reviewed within 24 hours but sometimes it’s longer.  Often there can be a glitch and recreating the ad helps but not always.

Here is the form to let them know:

Your Facebook Ad Account has been Disabled

If your ad account has been disabled for some reason you can use the following form:

Facebook will disable ad accounts without any warning if you are violating their ad policies but sometimes your account will get disabled by mistake.

Facebook Billing Questions

If you have questions about what was included in your bill, you can always dive into the Billing section of your Facebook Ads account and see exactly which ads were on that billing cycle.  Just go to the Billing & Payment methods in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook billing and payment

Then you can drill down into one of the transactions and see exactly which ads were on that bill.

Facebook Billing overview


Click on the Transaction ID to pull up all the details.


Facebook billing details

If you are finding something billed in error, then you can send them a message through this contact form: 


Accessing Your Facebook Support Inbox

Once you submit something to Facebook Support, you will get an email reply but if for some reason it doesn’t come through, you can always check the status on your ticket in your Support Inbox.

You can get there directly by going to or you can navigate there from your Facebook Settings (upper right corner, Settings, then Support Inbox.

Facebook Support Inbox

Once you get there, you will see your open cases and history of contact with Facebook.

Facebook Support replies


Report a Facebook Ads Bug

Sometimes Facebook is glitchy (understatements anyone?).  But often times I find that glitches are caused by trying to duplicate ads or ad sets (especially with older ads that may not have features that are available anymore).  So in general, starting your ad from scratch can help.

But if there is a bug you need to report, in the lower right corner of your Ads area, you can click Report a Problem.

Report a Facebook Ads Bug


You can also click the Help in the upper right corner of the Facebook Ads interface and get more help with an issue.

Facebook Ads Help

So I hope that gives you a myriad of options when trying to contact Facebook for Ads help.  With issues on Facebook Ads, I often find them more responsive than other issues since you are spending money with them.

If you want to go farther with Facebook Ads, be sure to check out my full Facebook Advertising Secrets course which is amazing – 4 modules covering Facebook and Instagram advertising and a private Facebook Group to ask questions!

facebook advertising course

How to Contact Facebook Support for Advertising Help

You also may be interested in my post about contact forms for all the social sites.


  • Ooh great post – just had someone in my community frustrated and asking about contacting Facebook about Ads and this is a huge help as I thought it was near impossible! I’ll pass it on…

  • Beth Hayden

    This post is sooooo helpful! Thank you, thank you, for pulling this all together in one place, Andrea!

  • tata_Bend

    I’ve been on the phone with Facebook 2x now-3rd call pending–over an account setup issue going on with my Biz Mgr account and a new Biz Page, an ad account issue. Their customer support is alarming in its incompetence. First, I had to approach all channels to even get a response. I finally get an emailed response. After responding, rep offers to call me. We schedule a call. He blows me off at the appointed time. I then get 2 phone calls from unknown numbers. I’m on a client call, so can’t pick up. No voice message left. The 2nd missed call leaves a message saying it’s Don from Facebook and he was trying to reach me. The same Don who blew me off on the scheduled call and is calling and then acting as if I missed his call. I try to call back but many of you have probably received the same recording that the phone number does not accept inbound calls. Frustrated, I try Facebook’s Facebook Page again–ironic, no?–and it’s full of frustrated customers. Then a few days later an email comes in from Don saying that because he wasn’t able to reach me, he’s assuming I had satisfactorily resolved the problem and was going to close the case. I wanted to send Don some Gingko but considering Facebook likes to hide from people who want to give them money for ads, I knew I’d have to forego the satisfaction as they probably don’t have a snail mail address either. I emailed back as quickly as I could explaining that nothing had been resolved. We schedule another call. He calls me 5 minutes later than the scheduled call. We start getting deep into discussion and he wasn’t any closer to resolving my issue when he abruptly tells me that he has to leave the call because he has another call. It’s barely been 10 minutes. I said “What? Why am I chopped liver?” He is trained well. He keeps a smooth, charming tone, always repeating that customer satisfaction is the most important thing and that we can finish the call another time. I told him that actions speak louder than smooth talk and that it was extremely frustrating, rude and disrespectful to be treated like this, especially as it took about 2 weeks to even get a hint that someone received the “call” for help. I admit that I went on a 5 minute rant about everything from ‘Facebook is not too big to fail, think MCI WorldComm, to how fantastic Google customer service was compared to Facebook, who didn’t attempt screen sharing or chat, to help me. I then half-heartedly apologized for taking up the next person’s time for whom I got butted but I was thinking to myself, is Mark Zuckerberg the trickle down source of this inefficient, disrespectful and mind-boggling incompetence? Well, to save you time from more reading, we had call #2 today and… wait for it… issue didn’t get resolved. Don confides that he is only allotted 15 minutes to fix issues and then it’s “hang up” time… Meanwhile, the information he had come armed with based on my highly detailed email and screenshots was that his supervisor had told him that the Biz Page Ad Account being under “Personal Category” didn’t matter and to just “ignore it.” That was the start to our conversation so I knew it was downhill from there. Don then proceeds to take me through the myriad of steps that I had already gone through on several renditions myself in order to avoid the black hole that is Facebook’s pathetic excuse for customer service. As we go through the process, it’s clear that “Personal Category” is clearly blocking me from adding a Business Page to my Business Manager’s ad accounts despite Don’s repeated statements that “this was going to be easy”… When he clearly saw he couldn’t fix it on this call, he said let’s jump to your other issue–I had 3. His “fix” promptly caused chaos with a former client whose Biz Mgr account I was trying to remove from my display. He then had to go, saying he hoped to call again either tomorrow or next Monday and that I needed to send him more screenshots so he could get help in figuring it out. He clearly realized–from my perspective–that his supervisor’s genius analysis of “just ignore that” implied a bucket of bolts residing upstairs. Meanwhile, I’m still in the same conundrum that I’m fairly certain is a bug in Facebook’s software. Simply put, I created a new Business Page from within Business Manager and the dumb-ass software moved the ad account side of the Business Page under my Personal Account and refuses to let have an additional “personal” ad account. Anyway, the pain and suffering is not over. Call #3 is pending. Just so you know, I didn’t rant on call #2. My compassion for Don grew as I realized he was dealing with Facebook’s warts that many don’t see unless they try to work with Facebook. I’d like to know how much of an ad spend is required before an advertiser can actually get a representative assigned to their account? Additionally, I’m strongly thinking of bailing on Facebook and heading to YouTube. Google is amazing! They go out of their way to resolve questions. I’ve even gotten calls from them on a Saturday while skiing down the slopes as they were just making sure I had everything lined up. No one is too big to fail and my biggest wish these last 2 weeks–yes, it’s been that long and still counting–is that some new group of clever millennials will come up with a better platform. This isn’t my first foray into their mired mess of customer support. Forums are just useless. It’s obvious they have human robot creatures who do nothing but respond to each comment with a standard paragraph and link. Bottom line is that Facebook’s treatment of me as an advertiser has engendered ZERO loyalty or respect for them. I guess it’s reciprocal reaction. So, when something better comes along, I will jump out of FB as fast as possible. (Seth Godin is so right about companies who give a hoot about people.) The End! Phew. I guess I really needed to vent! PS: Andrea, you’re the best! Really get a lot out of your blogs and webinars.

  • Liz Noli-Roberts

    Unfortunately the Facebook business contact page isn’t available in the UK — just redirects to this generic “resources” page with no option for email support 🙁

  • When I visit the link you mention at the top, I don’t get the same options that you have in your screen shot 🙁

  • the contact-us page redirects to which does not allow any direct contact with a human (other than to post in a community forum – which I find to be hit and miss).

  • Joe Motive

    How do I report ads that break TOS? How do they even get posted? This stuff is getting more and more pornographic!