Facebook Ads Better for B2B or B2C

Do Facebook Ads work better for B2B or B2C? As with many questions about Facebook advertising, the answer is: it depends.

Many people think of Facebook as better for B2C – Business to Consumer.

But that isn’t necessarily the case. Many B2B niches have great potential target keywords available in Facebook – it just depends on testing those keywords and tracking your results.

The key is to lay out a Facebook Ads strategy and test what works for you!

In this article I’ll talk about the approach for both types of companies and what you need to do to make sure Facebook Ads work for you.



Facebook Ads for Business to Consumer (B2C) Companies

One challenge with B2C companies running Facebook ads is the price point of the product and making sure that you have a positive return on your investment for Facebook Ads.

If you don’t have a high ticket item then ads where you are getting $1/click just to get traffic to the website can make it hard to stay within your marketing budget.

But if you have an ad that attracts attention and gets a lot of shares, you can get great exposure.

Facebook Ad Causemetics

This ad is a close-up video demo of the product and has over 4,000 shares.

The key is split testing different types of ads to find out which one gives you the best results.


Facebook Ad for Business to Business (B2B) Companies

Business to Business companies can run into targeting challenges.  Some of the job title targets in Facebook Ads have been removed but they aren’t completely gone.

If you know of another Facebook Page that has your perfect customer, you can sometimes target the fans of that Facebook Page with your ads.

Also with a larger ticket item, you will probably need a more consultative approach to the sale.  So you are better off using Facebook ads to bring about brand awareness and get leads.

Using good content can help drive traffic to your website and then you can hopefully connect further with those visitors by either getting them on your email list or retargeting them with another Facebook ad.

WP Engine Facebook ad


Track and Measure Your Facebook Ads

With any strategy, you have to have the tracking in place in order to measure what’s working best.  Often times the first, second, or 15th ad isn’t a winner.

Facebook Ad reports tracking


Have a system for testing and watch what works for you!


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