How to Target the Fans of Another Facebook Page in an Ad

Do you know of a Facebook Page that has the perfect fit of Fans for what you are offering?  If you are running Facebook Ads, you can target that group with a Facebook Ad. Not all Facebook Pages are available as a target.  All you need to do is to go to the Interests section […]

11 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement for Small Businesses

Is your small business on Facebook? Are you looking for better ways to engage your fans? Small businesses are winning on Facebook more than ever before. In this article you’ll find 11 ways small businesses can improve engagement and drive sales with Facebook posts. #1: Move Your Audience to Action Litographs is an online store […]

How to Replace the Facebook Like Box with the New Page Plugin on Your Website

Did you know the Facebook Like Box is going away on June 23rd 2015? You will need to replace it with the new Facebook Page Plugin. If you have the Like Box already installed, the process is very simple.  Just follow these steps: 1.  Go to the Developers Area on Facebook here: 2.  Add […]

How to Use Facebook Organic Post Targeting

Wish your Facebook page had better engagement? Do you want a way to get more post interaction without advertising? Using the Facebook Targeting for organic posts puts your updates in front of the people who are more likely to share, like or comment on them. In this article I’ll compare the results of using the […]

How to Target Your Email Subscribers in Facebook Ads

Would you like to reinforce your sales messages to your e-mail subscribers?  You may know that a person has to see your sales message multiple times before they decide to buy. Effective Frequency is a term in advertising that attempts to answer the question:  How many times does a person have to see a sales […]

3 Hot Tips to Make Your Facebook Videos Better

Have you been using Facebook Videos in your marketing?  Facebook Videos are overtaking YouTube in terms of visibility on Facebook.  So it’s better to upload any video you post directly to Facebook. I’ve recently been doing some video tips for Social Media Examiner and I have a short series of hot tips on how to […]