New Facebook Page Timeline: 4 Things You Need to Do Now to Prepare

You have undoubtedly heard the news that the new Facebook Timelines are rolling out to Pages sometime soon.  Facebook announced the Timeline rollout on March 10th and some Pages have it already, including Guy Kawasaki and The Nonprofit Facebook Guy (aka John Haydon).  There are 4 critical changes that you can prepare for right now. [...]

When You Need to Use Facebook Power Editor and When You Don’t

Are you struggling with the Facebook Power Editor?  It can be challenging to work with.  But what frustrates me is when I see people struggling with it – spending hours trying to get it to work right when they could easily create the same ad in the Facebook Ads Manager. The Facebook Power Editor has [...]

How to Set Your Facebook Ads Budget

A lot of people ask how much they should spend on Facebook Ads.  Of course, it always depends on a whole host of factors.  But I’m going to walk you through some example scenarios along with some of my recommendations. The first thing you need to know is what percentage of your budget you are [...]

How to Select the Right Facebook Ad to Match Your Goal

Are your Facebook Ads working well for you?  If you aren’t choosing the right type of ad to match your goal, your ads may be missing the mark.  Which means you are wasting your money.  And we don’t want that. Many clients I work with are posting something on their Timeline and then just clicking [...]

Facebook Posts: 9 Examples That Work vs. 4 Examples That Don’t

Do you know what types of Facebook Posts are working for you right now?  If you want some inspiration (as well as a dose of what not to do) then read on. I was recently a guest lecturer at Stanford University and presented some examples of the types of posts that are working for brands [...]

Facebook Page Checklist [Infographic]

Do you need to make sure you are getting everything right on your Facebook Page? Use this checklist to audit your own Page or the Page of your client. What do you think? Anything that needs to be added to this list? Or do you have any questions about how to do something specifically? Let [...]