8 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Facebook Marketing

Is Facebook taking up all your time? Interested in ways to maximize your workflow? When you streamline your work and know exactly where to look for the right information, your job becomes easier. In this article you’ll discover eight ways to manage your Facebook marketing more effectively.   #1: Maximize Page Notifications You can get […]

Complete Tour of the New Facebook Ads Manager

Have you been using the new Facebook Ads Manager?  Are you confused by the new layout?  Ahh, Facebook, the one constant with you is change. In this article I’ll show you what’s new and how to navigate the the main changes. Main Changes The main changes are cosmetic as they have rearranged everything (as they […]

How to Increase the Facebook Visibility of Your Local Business

Do you have a Facebook page for your local business? Are you looking for ways to reach your customers on Facebook? Because your audience is naturally limited by the area you serve, local marketing on Facebook can be challenging. In this article you’ll discover nine ways to use Facebook to get more local exposure for […]

How to Use Author Tags in Facebook

Would you like to make sure that any time someone shares your article on Facebook that your Page or Profile is linked to that article? Facebook’s Author Tags are GREAT way to grow your Page or your profile Following if you are regularly blogging. You can see that when you have Author Tags enabled, any […]

How to Improve Your Facebook News Feed

Would you like to see more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in your Facebook News Feed? Facebook tries to “help” you do that by adjusting their News Feed algorithm so that you see more of what you interact with more or the things that are getting more engagement but […]

How to Launch Your Product Using Facebook

Are you launching a new product or service? Want to create buzz and get the word out to the right people? Facebook is a great way to promote the launch of a product or service and generate excitement. To be successful, you need to plan your content, write your posts and make good use of […]

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Reviews

Are you a local business that gets reviews?  Reviews can be very powerful to draw in new customers.  Recent studies have shown that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  That’s HUGE! Also Reviews show up much more prominently on mobile devices which is when people are near your location.   Allowing […]

How to Use Facebook Mobile Apps for Marketing

Want to make your Facebook marketing more mobile? Curious about what you can and can’t do from your phone with Facebook apps? Facebook has a variety of mobile apps, from pages, to groups, to ads, that keep you connected while marketing on the go. In this article you’ll learn about the different capabilities of each […]