3 Ways to Target Your Facebook Ads to Get Results

Facebook Ad Targeting

Are you running Facebook Ad Campaigns?  Are you targeting your ads to your ideal client?

Facebook ads offer some powerful targeting techniques but you can also miss your mark and waste a lot of money.

In our recent #SocialMediaLIVE broadcast, Phyllis Khare and I go through my 3 tips in targeting your ads.  And I also answer a lot of great questions on Facebook ads so I highly recommend watching the recording below.

But I’ve recapped the tips here for you people who like quick access!

Tip #1 Use demographics and Interests to find highly targeted combinations

One of the best ways to find your best audience is to do some complex targeting in the Interests and Demographics area.

Just in case you haven’t seen my full list of Facebook Advertising Terms. check it out – it’s a doozy of a post!

Just go down to the Detailed Targeting section and you can add interests but also narrow your audience so that they match both conditions (AND operation).

Narrow Facebook Audience Ads

Using this detailed targeting allows you to do things like target high income people who match certain interests.

Target High Income Fans of a Page


Tip #2 Retargeting your website visitors

For Facebook Retargeting to work you need to have a few things in place:

  1. The Facebook Ads Pixel installed on your website.
  2. The Custom Audience created that indicates what Pages of your site to use (could be the whole site, or individual pages).
  3. A decent amount of traffic to target.  Usually 1000 people or more in that Facebook Audience if you are only going to target that group.

Custom Audiences Facebook

Once you’ve installed the pixel, make sure you create the Audience of Website Visitors to target.

Custom Audience - Website Traffic


Tip #3 Use Custom Audiences 

Not only can you create audiences for Website visitors so that you can target your warm audience, but you can also do things like upload customer lists.  And something else that is coming (still rolling out) is the ability to target people who have responded to certain things on your Page (posts, videos, etc).  This is the Engagement on Facebook custom audience feature and it is still rolling out to advertisers.

Engagement on Facebook Custom Audience

If you don’t have this feature yet, don’t worry – you can still use Custom Audiences well by using your Customer List to exclude people who have already purchased the item you might be advertising or already signed up for the free thing you are offering.

And we give out tons more tips in the video.


Target Your Facebook Ads

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If you want to go farther with Facebook Ads, be sure to check out my full Facebook Advertising Secrets course which is amazing – 4 modules covering Facebook and Instagram advertising and a private Facebook Group to ask questions!  But the biggest benefit you get with the course is access to the Facebook Group where you can get all your Facebook Ad questions answered.  We give feedback on ads, troubleshoot reports, and give advice on how to make your Facebook ads shine!

If you really want to grow your business quickly, Facebook Ads is the best vehicle to do that on the internet right now. Join me at www.fbadvertisingsecrets.com

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