5 Critical Questions to Ask when Hiring a Facebook Ads Manager

You may be looking to outsource your Facebook Ads to an expert but it can be hard to choose a good fit for your business. This article shows you what to ask when hiring a Facebook Ads Manager.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard a lot of negative things about people working with some Agencies and I think it’s a matter of making sure you ask the right questions before you hire someone to do your Facebook Ads for you.

I do also think it goes both ways because some of my Facebook Ads course members tell stories about difficult clients (so stay tuned for the flip-side of this “interview” process where the Agency should also be asking the right questions of the prospective client!)


#1 How long have you been running Facebook Ads for clients and what type of businesses have you worked with?

Yes, totally cheating here because I put 2 questions together.  But they do go together because if they only work with your specific niche then they have more experience there.  Facebook Ad strategies are very different for online vs. offline businesses and it’s important to know if they have a good feel for what works in your niche.

I don’t think that a very new person/agency is necessarily a deal-breaker when it comes to hiring someone to run your ads for you. Often times, the new person will work very hard for you and care deeply about your success rather than the large Agency where you might be 1 of 100 clients.  And a newer person can be more affordable than an Agency.

If you are considering hiring a newer person, make sure they’ve had proper training and see if you can get references from other clients they have worked with.

#2 Where did you learn Facebook Ads and do you have any certifications?

I know there are lots of places to learn Facebook Ads, including Facebook itself. But, I believe some formal training is a must because you don’t know if they’ve learned the best methods and Facebook has their own agenda when teaching some tactics.

I have my own Facebook Advertising course that has a 100 question test at the end that is fairly rigorous. The people who have been through my course also have a private group where they ask questions and get help because Facebook changes so much.

#3 What is your overall process for running and testing Facebook Ads?

Any Facebook Ads Agency should at the VERY least have a good test plan or good system that they use to run Facebook Ads.  They won’t (and shouldn’t have to) give you their entire methodology because that becomes training and they shouldn’t have to train you on everything to do with Facebook Ads.  But they should be able to describe their overall methods.

You should also know what is going to happen during the testing phase and how they proceed with the ads and measuring conversions.  They should absolutely be using the Facebook Pixel on your site if it’s possible.

They might have different processes for split testing Facebook ads based on your niche and the size of your audience.  They should also be able to tell you if Retargeting is appropriate for your business.

It is a good idea for you to know a little bit about Facebook ads so that you understand what they are doing, so educate yourself on the basics!

Split test Facebook Ads - local business

#4 What is included in your Facebook Ads package?

Some Agencies quote a flat fee, others do a percentage of ad spend, and there may also be a setup fee.  If you are spending less that $5-10K per month then typically the quote is a flat fee per month.

Hopefully you will get some type of proposal or quote or at least a list of everything that’s included when you sign up but I’ve heard of people getting charged for extras that they didn’t know weren’t included.  Things to think about:

  • Setup of the Facebook Pixel (if it isn’t set up yet)
  • Images – how many images are included and how many design changes
  • Facebook Ads – are they priced individually and does that include the different placements?
  • Research – some Agencies put this into the setup fee
  • Ad Cost – typically not included but make sure you know
  • Reporting – do you get a report and how often
  • Emails and phone calls – what does communication look like and how many messages/calls are included?

It’s also good to know what happens if you terminate the contract early so watch for that information.

#5 Do you run the Facebook Ads on my Ads Account?

I know not all Agencies run Facebook ads on their client’s accounts but I personally think they should. That way the Facebook pixel is tied to your account, the ad history is there, and you can see what is going on.  If you have no visibility into actual metrics then it’s hard to tell what’s happening.

Sometimes there are reasons to run ads on a different account but a Business Manager with your own Facebook Ads account is easy to set up.


Red Flags for Facebook Ad Agencies

These red flags are my own opinions on how to protect yourself against an Agency that may not have your best interests at heart.

  • Beware of high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up immediately. There are often limited slots to working with an Agency but if they need you to sign up before you hang up the phone, that feels like a red flag.
  • Be careful of any agency that requires more than a 3 month contract. There are good reasons to work together longer because you need some time for testing, optimizing, and getting things running well.  But you should be able to get a good gauge of how things are working within 3 months.  That’s my personal opinion.
  • Be careful of people who talk down to you and make you feel dumb – ok that’s my personal preference in choosing who to work with.  But I’ve heard of people who spew tons of jargon at their clients in attempt to confuse them.  Again, an Agency shouldn’t have to train you on all things Facebook but they should be nice.

Hope this post helps you make a good decision on who to hire to run your Facebook ads. I also run Facebook ad campaigns for clients and I specialize in online businesses and launches.  I typically only take 5-10 clients at a time because I have a lot going on but I do love Facebook ads. Find out more about my Facebook Ads Services.