Are you wondering how to make Facebook Ads work for you?  Wondering when you should boost posts and when you need to use the Facebook Ads Manager?  In this Facebook Ads presentation I did for Animoto in celebration of International Women’s Day, I will demystify the whole process!

You will learn why you need to use Facebook ads, how to Boost posts the smart way, when you need to use the Facebook Ads Manager, how to test and target your ads for better results, and what report to use to see the right data.  Whew that’s a lot!  But it’s going to be FUN, I promise!

Facebook Ads Demystified

This was an amazing LIVE stream event we did in LA with Animoto and we had the fabulous Kim Coles as our host (Living Single and In Living Color), the inspirational Sue Bryce motivating us to love and respect ourselves and our business, and Animoto‘s Sally Sargood demonstrating the product.

Here is the Live Stream and I encourage you to watch the whole thing because it was AMAZING!  But if you are short on time and want to skip to just my ads presentation, you can find that around the 54 minute mark.

I’ve broken out some of the my favorite tips I shared below.

#1 Move people off of Facebook and onto your Email List or Website

Facebook is changing.  We know that organic reach for pages is declining severely.  So we need to move our prospects quickly to our email list or our website.

Having an interesting email newsletter isn’t always feasible for every business (opting in to your local drycleaner news may not be that exciting).  But you can still “own” your audience in a way by getting them to your website because you can retarget with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

Most of the social sites have a way to retarget your website traffic so now you can reach your warm audience easier.

You also need to think about the customer journey.  Facebook ads may not be profitable right off the bat.  People have to see your offer multiple times before they decide to do business with you.  So use Facebook ads to create that first connection with your potential customers.


#2 Only Boost Your Best Content

Boosted posts don’t always yield the best return on your investment but they still can be very effective.  You have to make sure they are already getting good engagement.

My key performance indicator is driving traffic to my website and optins.  When I see a post that is already doing well with driving traffic to my site then I boost it.

I shared an example in the presentation of this video and when you boost good content, you are rewarded with cheaper click prices.

Video – Business Manifesto

  • 3811 Video Views
  • 92 Link Clicks
  • 10,734 Reached
  • 4350 Organic (5x higher than average)
  • 6384 Paid with $13 boost
  • $0.01/video view

Watch my Business Manifesto here – created with Animoto!

Also see my post on when to boost posts and when to use the Facebook Ads Manager.

#3 Split Test your Ads to get better results

Split testing your Facebook ads is key to getting cheaper clicks, optins, and sales.

Start by testing different demographics.  In an ideal world you would test each keyword separately but that would take a larger budget.  Group keywords together by behavior demographics, interests and Fan Page keywords, and possibly job titles if that’s appropriate.

Definitely listen to the whole Facebook ads presentation above to get the nuances of split testing!

#4 Use the Facebook Pixel to track conversions

Tracking all the way through to the optin or sale is going to help you understand exactly which ads are performing best.  Use the Facebook Pixel to track your funnel.

use the facebook pixel to track conversions


So those are some of my favorite tips from the Facebook ads presentation but definitely watch to get more tips and a few laughs 🙂  Let me know what you think in the comments below!