I’m finally getting around to watching the recordings from Social Media Marketing World 2014 and these notes came from the presentation by Amy PorterfieldAmy Porterfield


Amy started her presentation by acknowledging the issue with Facebook reach and said that it’s time for a Mindset Shift:  Facebook is an Investment.

Start to look at Facebook differently and become one of the few to make BIG strides and impact on Facebook.

“Business is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.” ~Tony Robbins

If you can get the psychology down, the mechanics is easy

She also said something I agree with wholeheartedly:

Tweet: “The energy of your business is directly tied to your email list.” ~ @AmyPorterfield #SMMW14 via http://ctt.ec/5H3PN+

Your number one focus should be growing your e-mail list. Facebook is the place where you turn Fans into Leads.

Use Graphsearch to Find Targeted Pages

Use Graphsearch find out where your audience is spending time on Facebook -type in “ Pages liked by People who Like ___your Page___” (or another page)

Facebook Graphsearch


I also have a post here about Facebook Graphsearch:  3 Interesting Uses of Facebook Graphsearch

Engagement: How does Facebook determine engagement:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Clicks

These must happen consistently or you do not make it into the News Feed

How to Get Engagement on Facebook

She talked about Native vs. Non-native posts:

Native posts are non-intrusive and shows that “you are one of them”.  It keeps people on Facebook.

native Facebook post

Non-native-It’s ALL about ME and redirects people to somewhere else

Non native Facebook posts

Quotes and meaningful messages can help get Likes and Shares

quotes on facebook


The Facebook Lead Strategy

1: Create an irresistible giveaway

A free webinar is a great freebie that people will sign up for.  Make it packed full of great tips for your audience.

2: Create an optin 

She recommends LeadPages

Sidenote:  I like Leadpages because it’s easy to use but if you can create an optin page on your own site, do that.

3:  Set up an “Unpublished” news feed ad

You can also just do a Promoted Post that appears on your Facebook Page if you aren’t comfortable working with the Power Editor.

The Unpublished Post:

-everything is clickable

-everything is customizable

-image is large enough to grab attention:  1200 x 627 pixels and only 20% text

-separate campaigns for fans and non-fans

Ad Placement: ONLY put your ads in the News Feed

Audience Targeting: in the Interests box put in all the results you got from your Graphsearch

Unpublisehd Post

Unpublished post details

 4: Deliver the giveaway and then use email marketing to seal the deal

At the end of the webinar spend about 10 minutes going over your $97 product to sell.

5: Email marketing

You must use e-mail marketing to help you sell.

What to expect:

1: From fan to lead $1-$5

2: From non-fan to lead $3-$8

3: From lead to customer $10-$30

4: Daily spend $50/ day-(even $10/ day is an option)

Great information from Amy Porterfield! Make sure you connect with her at www.AmyPorterfield.com