Facebook Ad Examples

Looking for Facebook Ad examples that work? In this post I will share 14 examples of Facebook ads from different industries and talk about why they work.

Full disclosure I don’t know for SURE that all of these posts are working but some of them are my own clients ads and I do know they work and others ads have been running for a while which is a good indication that they work.

When you are running Facebook ads, remember that some ads will have different goals so you have to make sure you are measuring the right things.

Your ad may be growing your list, getting video views for retargeting, getting sales, or registrations for an in-person event. What’s important is to have a Facebook ad strategy that you test and tweak if you aren’t getting the results you want.  Take a look at my post on creating a Facebook Ad Strategy for any business if you need more help.

Once you have your strategy, then it’s time to create the ads.  Here are 14 Facebook Ad examples that work and why they work.

Downloadable Freebie in a Facebook Ad

Marketing Facebook ad

Quick downloads can convert very well in Facebook ads.  Checklists, templates, blueprints, and high-value ebooks can be a no-brainer for people to optin.  Notice all the shares that the ad is getting – that’s an indication that the information is valuable.

Why this ad works:

  • Good value and easy optin
  • Unconventional offer that creates curiosity
  • Well-done video images that catch your eye

Takeaway to try:  Try a checklist or quick downloadable that you haven’t offered before.  Try new lead magnets from time to time!


Facebook Ad with a Good Freebie

Good free giveaway with Facebook Ad

In this ad, Stan the Annuity Man is giving away a whole set of books for free.

Why this ad works:

  • Huge value in the freebie offer
  • Unconventional approach to a industry that attracts attention and conversation

Takeaway to try:  Where can you take an unconventional approach?


On-Demand Webinar Facebook Ad

Medical school webinar ad

Webinars can sometimes be a more expensive Facebook Ad optin but they can often yield better results as people get to know you more and webinars can lead to better conversions if you are offering some specific call to action at the end.

Why this ad works:

  • Eye-catching image for pre-med students
  • On-demand webinar allow people to consume the content right away

Takeaway to try:  Look for images that will appeal to your target audience


Facebook Ad Example with Casual Photo

Casual photo with Facebook Ad

This image is a casual photo that looks like a regular post when you might scroll by.  It makes you stop because you wonder what Russell Brunson is doing in this photo.  Plus it has a compelling first-person story in the text.

Why this ad works:

  • Unusual photo for a Facebook ad that is more like a regular post
  • Compelling story coupled with a valuable download

Takeaway to try:  Test some casual images  of you or your customers (with approval) in an ad


Eye-catching Image in a Facebook Ad

Eye catching image in Facebook ad.

This ad lets the image do all the talking.  Plus appeals to the tribe of people who resonate with this message by telling them to “Eat Ugly. Eat Proud.” and wins with 3000 shares

Why this ad works:

  • Eye-catching image and text that creates community and mission
  • Highlights the benefit as well with saving 50% on your grocery bill

Takeaway to try:  What can you do to create community and mission with your brand?


Eye-catching Video in a Facebook Ad

Video software facebook ad

Promo.com has been running this ad for awhile which is an indication that it works. The use of white space and bright color and movement makes you stop scrolling to see what is going on.

Why this ad works:

  • Eye-catching video that shows the power of using videos in ads
  • Free trial with big benefits of creating easy video ads

Takeaway to try:  How can your video attract more attention?


Promoted Facebook Live Video with valuable content

Facebook ad Interview

Agorapulse used an engaging video interview (176 comments) to reconnect to their audience and ad value.

Why this ad works:

  • Valuable content that was already doing well organically
  • Promotes Agorapulse as more than just a social media tool

Takeaway to try:  Use great content to promote your brand


Geotargeting in a Facebook Ad

Geotargeting Facebook Ad Example

I was in Chicago O’Hare airport when I got this ad.  Great geotargeting with eye-catching text and images.

Why this ad works:

  • Eye-catching images in video ad
  • Great call to action to stop and eat

Takeaway to try:  Target a small local area and vary your ads so that you don’t get creative burnout


Facebook Story Ad

Facebook Story Ad Examples

So far I have seen mixed results with Facebook Story ads.  There aren’t as many people looking at Facebook Stories but it can work with the right message and audience.

This example from Tieks is formatted well for Facebook stories and it is building excitement for a new shoe they are launching.

Why this ad works:

  • Ad formatted perfectly for Facebook Stories
  • Helps build excitement for their launch

Takeaway to try:  If you are going to run the Facebook Story placement, make sure your ad is formatted for that placement


Facebook Story Ad with Video

Facebook Story Placement download

This video ad from WordStream is compelling and targeted well, although the text on the video in some places was hard to read.  But the free report with the data is worthwhile to the audience they are targeting.

Why this ad works:

  • Video shows some of the information that is contained in the report
  • The ad is targeted well to the people who would want the valuable information in the free report

Takeaway to try:  Create a video highlighting what you are giving away and make sure you are testing your Facebook Ad keywords and detailed targeting.


Facebook Ad Special Offers and Tracking

Harry and David ecommerce

Tracking your sales on Facebook ads can be tricky but is a little easier with ecommerce and the Facebook pixel.  Another thing you can do to help track your sales is create a unique coupon code that people use like Harry & David have done in this ad.

Why this ad works:

  • Simple, eye-catching image
  • Trackable promotion helps you measure your success with Facebook Ads

Takeaway to try:  Create a special offer for Facebook only and track the sales with the pixel or a coupon code


Retargeting Carousel Facebook Ad with Video

Carousel Facebook ad with retargeting

I do like to shop at White House Black Market and they know it.  So I get their Facebook retargeting ads all the time.  What I liked about this ad was the first ad in the Carousel was a video then the other Carousel ads were images which caught my eye because it was different.

They also created a focused campaign around this particular animal print line.

Why this ad works:

  • Different combination of video and images in the same ad
  • Retargeting ad with a focused message

Takeaway to try:  Try carousel ads for ecommerce and retarget your customers with special offers or promos


Live Event Facebook Ad

Live event Facebook ad

This ad was for a Live Event in Atlanta and had social proof with how many women were attending as well as highlighting some well-known speakers.  The text also appealed to the growing movement and built excitement for their first event.

Why this ad works:

  • Social proof in the ad highlighting how many people were coming
  • Long form ad shared the story of their beginnings and built excitement for the event

Takeaway to try:  Where can you share social proof in your ads?


Health and Fitness Facebook Ad

Keto diet product Facebook Ad

Anything to do with health, fitness, or diets are a challenge with Facebook Ads.  There are a lot of things you can’t say about weightloss and what a product might do for you.

The way to approach the Facebook restrictions is to talk about your experience or your mission from your perspective.  Also make sure you aren’t calling out personal attributes in an ad or it won’t get approved.

Why this ad works:

  • Talking about health and fitness from their own perspective
  • Highlights what makes their product so different and uses the video to tell the story

Takeaway to try:  For health and fitness focus on your mission and highlight the unique ways you serve your clients


Need more examples?  You can search for examples here:  https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/

Hootsuite also has a good blog post with Facebook Ad examples.

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