Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips

Are you looking for some advanced Facebook advertising tips?  What are the latest tactics that you can test and what should you be looking at for the future?

I had a chance to interview Andrew Foxwell of Foxwell Digital about what trends he’s seeing with his Facebook Ad Campaigns and came away with some great ideas! Plus we had a lot of fun 🙂

Andrew has run campaigns for a wide variety of brands like Hootsuite, GoPro, Fitbit, Square, Eventbrite and also members of Congress. Listen in to our interview on Facebook Live and we had a lot of great questions come in!



And if you are the type who is in a hurry, here are some of the main tips that we covered with the questions I asked him.

What’s working now with Facebook Custom Audiences

Andrew said what he’s doing is retargeting your Facebook ads for the “low funnel” sales messages.

Retargeting based on events – so for example, building an audience of people who have been to your website 3 times over the recent times.  So they are interested.  Essentially you are targeting your higher level stalkers with your ads.

This type of Custom Audience is currently rolling out and in beta but will be hopefully coming soon.  More details are on the Facebook Developer Site

Targeting “Engagers” – people who have messaged your Page or targeting people who have engaged with your Page recently.

Then for the top of the funnel, he’s using Lookalike audiences of different Custom Audiences and here’s the types of audiences that have worked for him:

  • Lookalike of people who have engaged with his Facebook Page within a 60 day window
  • Lookalike of people who have messaged his Facebook Page

Lookalike Audiences are great to create because they go out and find a larger audience who is like the one you have.  And since some Custom Audiences are small, this is a good way to find other people who might potentially be like your ideal client.

The Engagement Retargeting option is more widely available now and is in the Audiences section.

Facebook Custom Audience Engagement


From there you can choose to create a Lookalike Audience of that Custom Audience.


Lookalike Engagement


What’s working for Lead Generation on Facebook

He’s been using Lead Generation Ads and find they work really well. Facebook’s Lead Generation ads keep people on Facebook and people can optin with 2 clicks.

Using a non-action-based objective in the lower part of the funnel.  Often you are optimizing your ad around Conversions which means that Facebook will show your ad to people who you are targeting who are more likely to “convert”. But that restricts the Reach of your ad.

Facebook recently told their top advertisers that around 60% of all user-base on Facebook is not actually “in” an action-based objective.  Which means that when you are optimizing your ad around Clicks or Website Conversions, they haven’t done that in past so they aren’t in that “bucket” of people who are more likely to convert.

The strategy here is to maybe use a Boosted Post or Brand Awareness to reach a larger pool of people with your ad.  Sometimes a wider reach is better.

Facebook Ad Objectives

What do you see as the next frontier for Facebook Ads

Using Messenger Ads to reach people more specifically and having Facebook Messenger ads used for customer service.

Expansion into other display advertising outside of Facebook.  Facebook has an opportunity to take over part of the display advertising space.  Facebook has said they are running out of space on Facebook for ads.  But I believe Facebook

Ads in Virtual Reality.  It’s coming.

Other questions we talked about:

  • What is your take on Manual Bidding?
  • What type of ad should I run?
  • Should I use video ads or just images?

So make sure you listen in to the video for all the answers!

Make sure you connect with Andrew on his website here:

And he has a fabulous post on Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert site here:  The 6 Sweetest Facebook Advertising Features Right Now

Feel free to post any follow up questions you have in the comments below!


I have also updated my free course on Facebook Ads called:  How to Get Highly Targeted Leads the Easy Way with Facebook Ads – go grab it if you want to know more!