3 Ways to Grow Your Followers on Each Social Site


Growing your following is an important part of growing your company’s visibility.  While having a large following isn’t everything, it is a factor in your success on social media.

Here are 3 quick tips for every platform on how you can grow your following.  I also link to helpful articles to help you learn more about the techniques.


Bonus tips: Participate in a Tweetchat regularly and follow everyone


Bonus tips: Post great content that gets shared.  Connect with influencers.


Bonus tips: To grow company page, invite people to follow


  • Post images that have “how-to” in the text overlay
  • Cross-promote your Pinterest account from other social sites
  • Pin regularly on the weekend and evenings (more activity)

Bonus tips:  Use Promoted Pins, create a Profile or Board widget for website


  • Use Ripples to find your tribe
  • Do Hangouts on Air with established hosts
  • Join vibrant Communities – Circle members (they will Circle back)

Bonus tips: Spend time there!


  • Feature your YouTube videos on your site and have a Subscribe call to action
  • Partner with well-known YouTuber in your niche
  • Advertise on top 1%  videos watch this video


  • Use Hashtags
  • Comment on photos
  • Follow influencers and be active in their community

With all of these sites, the better content you share and the more you participate, the faster you will grow.  And make sure you are actually talking with others rather than just posting your own content.

How about you?  What are your favorite tips to grow your following online?  Share them in the comments below.